Work integration programmes

The Work Integration Services (WIS) of Mansol Projectes promote the employment of vulnerable people, with some kind of disability and with serious difficulties in entering the workplace. They are individually tutored and supported throughout their work training, which includes working on personal and social skills to look for work, specialist training, guidance on looking for work and integration through different specialist resources.

Moreover, the insertion programmes also involve work intermediation, combining the needs of the social and business networks for greater success in integrating this group into the workplace.

An individual tutoring service is also offered to the people cared for, where they are provided with support during work training to offer a skill-based work process, guidance, specific training and integration through different specialist resources.


Through the WIS we are part of two very important social/work insertion programmes:

1) The Làbora Programme, which has been running since 2014 to promote the employment of people with difficulties in entering the employment market, led by the Municipal Institute of Social Services at Barcelona City Council with the collaboration of the social organisations, represented by ECAS (Entitats Catalanes d’Acció Social – Catalan Social Action Organisations), FEICAT (Empreses d’Inserció de Catalunya – Integration Enterprises of Catalonia) and the Red Cross, and the city’s business network. This is a job market reserved for people at risk of social exclusion, where organisations find the person best-suited to the contractual needs of a post, following skilled-employment criteria. Our office in Ciutat Vella has already found work for 79 people and has assisted 250.

2) The Incorpora Programme of Obra Social “la Caixa”, of which we have been members since June 2016 and that encourages the work integration of people at risk of social exclusion. The Incorpora Programme of “la Caixa” is a work intermediation programme based on the needs of the social and business network, which offers a free comprehensive service with work integration experts providing all the advice that the company needs and full support throughout all the phases of the process: from selection to full integration in the workplace. Mansol Projectes manages the Incorpora point for Baix Empordà and, more specifically, for the towns of Castell-Platja d’Aro-S’Agaró, Santa Cristina d’Aro and Bisbal de l’Empordà (the latter in Alt Empordà).