Mansol Projectes, SL strives to provide solutions to our customers and to those collaborating and/or working with us.

We seek free-flowing communications with our customers in order to identify their needs in relation to the use of production resources and offer a quality service that meets their requirements. We want to prove that we are reliable and that we fulfil our promises.

We also understand that our best asset are our people, who are the reason to be of the company. We want to generate employment and opportunities for the work integration of our personnel, which is why the continued monitoring and training of our collaborators is very important.

To guarantee this policy, the Management undertakes to manage its activities and processes in order to ensure the requirements are met, continuous improvement and the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.

The company Management is responsible for informing company personnel and the general public of this policy, for promoting its implementation in the company and for ensuring it is established by setting goals and milestones that are regularly reviewed in order to continuously improve.

The Mansol Projectes quality policy can be read and downloaded at this link.