Industrial projects

Mansol Projectes offers industrial assembly services for a wide range of business sectors. We can carry out a specific part of the production chain or fully assemble a product in response to the production requirements of industrial companies of different sectors and sizes. We work for national and foreign companies.

Large projects and microprojects

We work steadily and continuously on large projects and also on short-term microprojects to enable our customers to respond to peaks in workload. We provide a comprehensive service thanks to the industrial partnerships we have established.

We work closely with the departments involved in the production process of our customers: logistics, operations, quality, etc. We carry out a specific part of the production chain or the full assembly:

  • Purchasing and management of raw materials.
  • Coordination of suppliers earmarked by the customer.
  • Management of external processes: surface treatments, painting, etc.
  • Coordination of service logistics to the end customer.

Facilities and equipment

Our units in Badalona:

  • 1,000 m2 industrial unit
  • 600 m2 warehouse

Our equipment:

  • Compressed air (dual compressor)
  • 220 V and 380 V electrical installation
  • Two 55-ton, one 75-ton and one 130-ton mechanical presses. The last two are set up for continuous work.
  • Two beading and trimming machines
  • Spot-welding machine
  • Semi-automatic tapping machines with the possibility of double head and Roscamat pneumatic arm
  • Small support machines: tabletop drills, riveting machines, etc.
  • Automatic machine to perform quality and electrical safety tests: effectiveness of earthing wire, insulation, rigidity up to 4,000 V and leakage current.
  • Angular welding machine and shrink-wrapping tunnel to package all types of product

Our logistics resources:

  • 3,500 kg truck
  • 3,500 kg van

Examples of products

We offer any industrial assembly work to a wide range of business sectors: electrical, metallurgy, electronics, lighting, pharmaceutical and logistics, among others.

  • Stamping of metal pieces
  • Full assemblies of lighting and electronic equipment
  • Assembly of equipment for the automotive and motorcycle sector that go straight to the end production line