Certified destruction of documents

Mansol Projectes provides the public authorities and organisations, institutions and companies of any sector and size with a certified destruction service for confidential documents that guarantees immediate destruction to an irretrievable level of the documents we collect.

This service deals with the elimination of your confidential data files in paper and/or digital format (electronic storage: hard drives, CDs, USBs, SSDs, etc.) in compliance with the current General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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e-mail: carmenpunti@mansol.cat


We are a non-profit social enterprise, the main objective of which is to give work to people with physical disabilities at risk of social exclusion. We are classified as a Work Integration Social Enterprise.

Contracting Mansol Projectes will provide you with an extra in your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitments and, where applicable, will ensure compliance with the Law on the Social Integration of People with Disabilities (LISMI).


  • We offer specific services and also services to supply containers (a good alternative and/or addition to shredders) for depositing the confidential documents you generate every day (without any commitment of permanence or minimum collections, which is commonplace). Our service enables you to deposit not just paper, but also the plastic that comes with it (spacers, files, etc.) As well as CDs and DVDs.
  • We supply and/or collect these at your facilities.
  • The destruction of paper documents involves shredding in special confidential documentation HSM machines (level 3, according to international standard DIN 66399 = level 6, according to European standard UNE-EN 15713).
    In the case of magnetic storage devices containing confidential data, these are destroyed using a demagnetisation system, which can be done on your premises or on ours, as required.
  • All the documents destroyed are taken to authorised waste management companies for the appropriate recycling.
    We provide you with the destruction certificate required by Spanish Data Protection Law (LOPD).


The paper shredding system is certified by AENOR, in accordance with standard UNE-EN15713:2010, as a “safe destruction system for confidential material”, a relatively uncommon certificate within the sector.


We provide the certified destruction service to private companies of any sector and size, such as UNILEVER ESPAÑA (FRIGO and other brands), as well as to organisations, institutions and the public authorities. We have been awarded especially demanding public tenders relating to security.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for a list of our references.



With regard to the specific/sporadic service, we price this in a very transparent way, not by price per kilo, but by the number of boxes supplied by us that are required to hold all your documentation.

In terms of the container supply service, you are not committed to any type of permanence or minimum collections. You may stop using our service whenever you want.


Mansol Projectes can adapt and personalise the service to suit your needs for space, required collection system or level of security.

For example, the confidential document container service can involve different models, depending on the security required, even supplying metal containers, if necessary, that are fitted with an electronic code and an alarm. These may only be opened by personnel authorised for each service and duly accredited by a photo ID card.

Ask for information to see how we can help you.